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At Evani Naomi Jewelry we go above and beyond with quality and affordability. Each piece is exclusively designed, created, cut, and faceted by Evani Naomi's award-winning designers and badass jewelers. Combining high-quality materials and ethically sourced diamonds flawlessly engineered to capture the symbol of your love story.

NATURAL DIAMONDS – certified and ethically- sourced. GIA, IGL, EGL, or DGI certified. Stones are guaranteed and authenticated.

Will they pass the diamond test? Yes.
Are they certified? Yes, they are GIA certified.

MOISSANITE- These beautiful stones are near-colorless gemstone that’s composed of silicon carbide- an extremely rare, naturally occurring mineral. It has a similar appearance as a real diamond and the only gemstone that passes as a diamond on a standard handheld diamond point tester. Our moissanites are more heat resistant than even diamonds, meaning that even if they were in a fire, they would still retain their sparkle and form. They have a Refractive Index (RI) of 2.65 whereas diamond’s RI is lower at 2.42. Moissanite has an extremely high level of brilliance and excellent light performance. This is one reason it is a favorite stone in engagement rings as it has much higher brilliance and fire than a diamond. The hardness of diamond is about 10 and moissanite is about 9.25. Our moissanite has its unique waist code, and it is certified by the international famous professional appraisal organization and the global gemstone Research Association (GRA).

We only use D-F color and VVS1 Clarity all in excellent cut. Will pass the diamond test. More brilliant than diamond at a fraction of the cost. Evani Naomi's Moissanite is among the hardest minerals on earth, more durable than sapphire, ruby, or emerald.

Will it pass the diamond test? Yes.
Are these certified? Yes. Stone with over .50 ct will come with a certificate of authenticity.

EVANI NAOMI'S DIAMONDS- D-F/VVS1 Clarity, excellent cut. This diamond is a masterpiece of our lab. As we were searching for an industrial substitute for diamonds, we stumbled on this beautiful jewel – brighter, shinier, and even more mesmerizing than any diamond we laid our eyes upon. EVN diamonds are comparable to CVD Diamonds. Using almost the same process but with the maximum use of our lab technologies to create a stone that is superiorly cleaner and flawless than a diamond. EVN Diamonds have very similar physical properties as diamonds. They are identical to the naked eyes. These superb stones are rated at 9.25 mohs hardness and sparkle better than a real diamond. Each piece is carefully crafted into a masterpiece with more than 4Cs. These lab-grown diamonds are without a doubt an excellent alternative to real diamonds.

Will they pass the diamond test? Yes.
Are they certified? Yes. Certification can be issued upon request only.

CREATED DIAMONDS- Known as simulated diamonds. Not natural earthed diamonds but these are very expensive stones. The stones are made from zirconium dioxide that boasts fine color, no color mixing, and a superb cut, which results in a beautiful duplication of nature. These are also lab-grown diamonds. Although the stones won't pass the test, they have excellent quality compared to other stones. They shine and sparkle like mined diamonds. 

Will it pass the diamond test? No.
Are these certified? No. 


All our Natural Diamonds with 0.4 carat and up will come with GIA certificate and GRA certificate for all our moissanite. 

All our jewelry can be upgraded for a higher value from solid gold (10k-18k), metal color, ring size (3-14.5 US), diamond type (natural diamond, moissanite or premium cvd diamond), diamond color, and diamond carat/size.